Reveal Interview

Great radio interview with Andre on the Reveal Show (GNBA radio) this month. Discussing questions like ‘Is it easier to date as a Christian or a non-Christian?’ and ‘Should we just date the person God tells us to marry, or can we date more than one person?’

His two-part interview is found between 13:15 and 22:00 minutes, and then between 31:50 and 40:00 minutes.

Have a listen by clicking here now! 

Reconciliation: Practicing Exclusivity in a Healthy Way

Before I suggest how practicing exclusivity in a healthy way can help us date, break up and date again in a way that doesn’t hinder the reconciling work of God (as mentioned here), I’d like to re-visit a passing comment from the Being Selfless post:

“I believe that God can use dating relationship for our benefit even if they don’t end in marriage.

It’s important to understand that Read more

Did Jesus Die on the Cross at Christmas?


So there I was, visiting friends for the weekend and going along to their church Sunday service. Tinsel everywhere, a Christmas tree fashioned from recycled paper and a lot of Christmas jumpers. It happened to be their festive outreach Sunday, and they put a lot of effort into using the Christmas season to introduce the local community to Jesus.

They did a very good job. It felt very festive with an engaging message which was sensitive to non-Christians and to those who only go to church in December. But, I must say, they fell into the classic trap I often see at Christmas:

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Reconciliation: Developing Intimacy at an Appropriate Rate

As you would have seen in my previous blogs on dating and reconciliation (At The Centre Heart of Scripture, and Being Selfless) the dating world is a tricky terrain to navigate and even more so if you’re trying to honour God and prevent a particularly messy break-up. Not all dating relationships will end in marriage and that’s OK. If we’re going to manage romantic relationships better so that they don’t cause Read more