Have I missed out?


After a recent talk I did on dating, a woman in her mid 20s asked to speak with me. She explained that she had dated someone before for a long time and thought they would eventually get married. She then said:

‘He was great, but the enjoyment had been missing for a while, so we ended it. Have I lost ‘the One’?’

I get this question in various forms all the time, and it’s no surprise…

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‘Should I say something?’


‘I know this couple who I think may have a problem… should I say something?’

There I was chatting to a friend, then she asked me this. I’ve always welcomed questions about dating, singleness and faith. It’s what I’m passionate about after all.

Yet the problem the couple had isn’t the focus of this blog. Neither is whether I answered ‘yes’ or ‘no’…..

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‘How do I begin a relationship?’


Recently my friend asked a question that I get asked constantly: ‘How do I begin a relationship?’

People frequently dismiss this question, and unhelpfully respond with something like ‘Just ask and see what happens’. But there is often more to this question….

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