Important News: Relationship Dilemma is merging with Visible!

Relationship Dilemma is merging, but the vision stays the same! The original vision and all the work we are doing will stay the same and have the same aims, but we are becoming part of a bigger charity and a wider team with more support.

And we still need your prayers and support to make sure the momentum and growth continues.

So as you realise by now, Relationship Dilemma Read more

Dating Sense and Sensibility

Listen to Andre’s guest appearance on The Boundless Show’s podcast.

This American panel talk about dating in their culture, boundaries, and how to start dating in the first place.

Search for ‘Dating Sense and Sensibility: Episode 396′, and Andre’s interview is at 22:25. But the whole podcast is worth checking out!

Listen now

Reconciliation: Being Selfless

I have a couple of beliefs about dating that I think are really important. (1) I believe that God really cares about the way we date and (2) I believe that God can use dating relationships for our benefit even if they don’t end in marriage. That second one is probably the most controversial. But if both of these are true (and I’m convinced they are) and if God’s in the business of reconciling the world, mending it and putting it back together, then it’s important that we join in with what he’s doing. And it’s equally important thatRead more

Reconciliation: At the Centre Heart of Scripture

Romantic relationship aren’t easy to get right, and even if we do manage to navigate the minefield of Christian dating then we’re not even guaranteed to reach the safe-haven of a “happy-ever-after” story. However, what we can do is learn how to navigate the tricky terrain of dating relationships which will at least minimize the damage from messy break-ups, if and when they happen. We can also be safe in the knowledge that Read more