‘Should I say something?’


‘I know this couple who I think may have a problem… should I say something?’

There I was chatting to a friend, then she asked me this. I’ve always welcomed questions about dating, singleness and faith. It’s what I’m passionate about after all.

Yet the problem the couple had isn’t the focus of this blog. Neither is whether I answered ‘yes’ or ‘no’…..

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‘How do I begin a relationship?’


Recently my friend asked a question that I get asked constantly: ‘How do I begin a relationship?’

People frequently dismiss this question, and unhelpfully respond with something like ‘Just ask and see what happens’. But there is often more to this question….

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Does the cross teach us anything about relationships?


Time and time again churches focus on ‘How often have you read your Bible this week?’ and ‘How many times did you pray?’, but rarely asks questions like ‘How much time did you spend with the poor recently?’. This study looks at what Jesus achieves on the cross and how Jesus himself describes what it’s for. Is the cross about forgiving my sin and so as a consequence I should be nicer to people, or can the cross in itself radically transform how we build relationships with our neighbour?

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