Does the cross teach us anything about relationships?


Time and time again churches focus on ‘How often have you read your Bible this week?’ and ‘How many times did you pray?’, but rarely asks questions like ‘How much time did you spend with the poor recently?’. This study looks at what Jesus achieves on the cross and how Jesus himself describes what it’s for. Is the cross about forgiving my sin and so as a consequence I should be nicer to people, or can the cross in itself radically transform how we build relationships with our neighbour?

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The One Night Stand Challenge

Will you make a stand for relationships?

We want everyone, everywhere to stand up for relationships for one night. We’re challenging you to make a stand and do something creative that will strengthen a relationship.

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What could your One Night Stand be? #OneNight

Doing singleness well (even if you’re married!)

I came across this video, which is a talk from a 33 year old single woman in the church, and it’s a must watch whether you’re single, dating or married.

She is very engaging, and thinks through want singleness should look like from a Christian perspective in a way that is real and refreshing. This talk isn’t just for singletons though, but for anyone and everyone in the church no matter what their relationship status is. This talk is about more than our individual hopes, but how we can all support those we worship with, even if our situation is different to theirs.

She is speaking at a conference in America, so her style may be different to what we’re use to. Some things she says you may not full agree with, I know I didn’t, but it is still one of the better talks out there.

No matter whether it’s a good refresher or an amazing revelation for us, whatever you approach is to singleness, please watch.