Story #7

My mum never wanted us to be christened so that we could make our own choices. However, my grandparents encouraged us (my brother and I) to go along to their church and to attend a Church of England school.

Unfortunately, when I was 6 years old two of the minister’s sons had sex with me, who were only a couple years older than me. So from an early age, I thought all men wanted was sex.

My dad wasn’t around much whist I was growing up because he was busy with his law firm. Then it happened. That dreaded word that ruins so many of our young peoples’ lives today. Divorce. I was a daddy’s girl before I saw the fights Read more

5 simple ways to deal with break ups and rejection: If only it was that simple

Recently at various events, speaking engagements and just through talking to friends, it’s become obvious to me that people are interested in dating and relationships. I mean, this stuff takes up a lot of headspace and it can be very confusing right? It’s great to see that our work seems to be helping people who are dating and allowing those who are single to think through their dating desires and attitudes.

However, it’s becoming increasingly obvious that lots of us are Read more