Book Review: Online Dating, Top Tips for Success


As someone who writes, teaches and delivers presentations around singleness and dating, I’m always inevitably asked about online dating. For example: “Is it safe?” “What websites are recommended?” “Can christians use it?” “How is it different from other types of dating?” These questions are all good questions, and I feel confident and happy to discuss them.

However, sometimes people ask about how you practically do online dating. Or how you set up a good profile. And this becomes a bit more tricky.

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So Easter is finally here! I’m not sure about you but it’s often a strange weekend for me. The extra time at the weekend ends up as a combination of resting and catching up with friends.  Alongside this, I also want to take time to remember all that God has done for us by reflecting on treating Jesus’ suffering with reverence and respect, and then celebrating and rejoicing in the resurrection. All this, while convincing myself that eating too much chocolate during easter is justified, somehow.

It’s fair to say that I wake up on Tuesday feeling like I’ve done nothing well…….

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Does Singleness make Paul a failure?


By Rebekah Renshaw

I’m a Christian female in my twenties. And I’m single. I’ve just entered that typically Christian stage where a five-minute scroll through my news feed discloses three engagements and four pregnancy announcements. And that’s just from my own church. But the truth is, I don’t feel worried that I’m not there yet.

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Reveal Interview

Great radio interview with Andre on the Reveal Show (GNBA radio) this month. Discussing questions like ‘Is it easier to date as a Christian or a non-Christian?’ and ‘Should we just date the person God tells us to marry, or can we date more than one person?’

His two-part interview is found between 13:15 and 22:00 minutes, and then between 31:50 and 40:00 minutes.

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